Quantum Resistance Bands Set - Quantum MVMT
Quantum Resistance Bands Set - Quantum MVMT
Quantum Resistance Bands Set - Quantum MVMT
Quantum Resistance Bands Set - Quantum MVMT

Quantum Resistance Bands Set


Quantum Resistance Bands give you another option when it comes to exercising. Great for rehabilitation as well as workouts these are a very versatile piece of kit.

Why buy me?

  • Calisthenics, Crossfit & body weight training support such as pull-up, muscle-up, chin-up, and dip variations
  • Agility drills for GAA, Rugby, MMA, Football & much more
  • Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation
  • 100% natural latex to ensure extra tear resistance
  • Ideal anchor attachment for squats, deadlifts, and bench presses (perfect for use with our Squat Rack)
  • Can be used with Olympic, Hex, and EZ Bars
  • Width variation to ensure appropriate resistance (the wider the band the better the resistance)
  • One tree planted for every product sold.


Available in 3 different loop sizes/strengths:
  • YELLOW - 2080mm*4.5mm*6.4mm - 5-15lbs in resistance
  • RED - 2080mm*4.5mm*13mm - 15-35lbs in resistance
  • PURPLE -  2080mm*4.5mm*32mm - 40-90lbs in resistance

Resistance Band Tips
The resistances are per band and equate to the approximate loading at slight extension and up to maximum extension (or maximum loading).

Do not overstretch/overload otherwise, damage/injury may result.

Warning - these bands are made from latex, do not use if you suffer from a latex allergy. Do not stretch these bands more than x2 their original length.

All in One Gym Solution

Leverage your own bodyweight to increase and decrease the intensity.


Take it on the road ‚ travel-friendly workout equipment.

It's for Every Body

Simple and versatile, our QST makes sure you get the most out of your body in every workout. 

Easy to Use

Improve your movement, your feelings, and allow you to live better.

Free Suspension Training Ebook

  • ✓ 35+ Beginners exercises
  • ✓ HIIT session
  • ✓ Exclusive access to future Ebooks
  • ✓ Training plan created to get the best results
  • ✓ Benefits of bodyweight Suspension Training
  • ✓ Focus on core abdominal strengthening
  • ✓ Increase your strength naturally

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Great value

Love the variety of band lbs. been using the yellow and red bands for warm up exercises and shoulder mobility drills. The purple band is perfect for helping me achieve my muscles ups and levers👌🏾 I’ve started integrating the purple band into my leg workouts. 10/10