Suspension Trainer Plan for Beginners

With every purchase of a Quantum Suspension Trainer you receive a complimentary introduction guide to suspension training. Look inside at the instruction, advice, and insights, and you’ll see why. This is a one stop shop resource designed to take your workouts to unprecedented levels.

The Quantum MVMT beginners training Ebook includes instructions for more than 35 exercises. Complete with photo sequences, you’ll learn how to develop and integrate strength, power, core stability, flexibility, and balance with the use of a QST. At home or in the great outdoors this guide is the ultimate training companion. 


✓ 35+ beginners exercises
✓ Video Demos for each exercise
✓ HIIT session
✓ Exclusive access to future Ebooks
✓ Training plan created to get the best results
✓ Benefits of bodyweight Suspension Training
✓ Focus on core abdominal strengthening
✓ Increase your strength naturally








For strength, stability, core power, flexibility, and balance, Suspension Training delivers results. Used by the best of the best, from professional trainers to the athletes, Suspension Training is an essential component of conditioning programs worldwide. Our Suspension Training experts share a beginners guide to Suspension Training exercises and programs.

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