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Hang your QST directly overhead allows for the optimal number of body positions that will increase or decrease your training for any given exercise. Hook your QST to a vertical anchor point, such as a beam, pole, or tree, or goal post. Make sure to pull the anchor of the product 3 times to ensure it is secured. The Loop on your QST should hang 6 ft (1.8 m) off the ground, with the bottom of the foot cradles hanging approximately 3 inches (8 cm) from the ground when fully lengthened.
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Our QST has semi-stretchable straps attached to anchor points that help suspend a part of your body in the air. With this, you’re given more freedom to move into positions generally challenging when you’re on the ground. Every move you make in suspension training engages your core muscles since you have to continually maintain proper posture and balance during your workout.Suspension trainers make ordinary workout routine harder by incorporating balancing acts.
Suspension training is great to build muscle as several studies say that suspension training programs produce the same results as weight lifting regimes. Exercising using suspension trainers promotes flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength, just like any other fitness program. It also stimulates similar hormonal responses that lead to improved muscle growth and possibly better results when compared to ground-based exercises. Rows, single leg squat, pike push up, power pull, fly's, planks are some of the exercises that will add more muscle mass and endurance to your body with the QST.
The QST is not only for building up muscle mass but also for working out your cardiovascular system. Like any other form of exercise, the resistance provided by your suspended bodyweight stimulates muscle activity and blood circulation. However, what separates suspension training from other varieties of exercise is how freely and quickly you can shift from one workout to the next without having to take too much time for setup. This seamless change in movement and position prevents your blood circulation from slowing down, forcing your heart and lungs to keep up with your speed.
The QST is used by people of all ages, thats why we include an introduction ebook with every purchase to ensure that you are armed with the best possible start to your training. Although known for being intensive, suspension training offers basic moves that beginners can handle. Squats, rows, curls, crunches, lunges, and chest presses are commonly given to beginners. Each of these exercises can be performed for 45 seconds, coupled with 30-second breaks in between. Make sure you do warm-up exercises and stretching first before diving into intensive training. Preparing your body can save you from injuries and accidents.