• One Tree Planted Partners

Our Sustainability Promise

We want to find new ways going forward, challenging the traditional way of producing fitness equipment and inspiring others to follow suit. This curiosity and drive to develop more sustainable fitness equipment is in our minds when we design a new product, develop a new collection and test a new raw material or fibre. Continuously evolving and challenging the way we work helps us find new solutions as we strive to do better every day.

Key focus areas 2025

Sustainability is a broad area and we need to make sure we deliver not just on the environmental aspect but the human one too. In order to be able to do so and to invest in new solutions and better techniques, we need to be a profitable company. Therefore, we have divided our sustainability efforts into three focus areas covering the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability. For each focus area, long-term commitments have been established.


Satisfied employees

Within the social aspect we focus on taking joint responsibility for making sure that our business has a positive social impact on everyone who is involved in the operation. Key considerations are fair jobs, ethics, health, employee satisfaction and diversity. 


​​​​​​​Sustainable product offer and operation

We are dedicated to developing products that are manufactured in a sustainable manner in order to reduce our environmental impact. Within this aspect we our key considerations are emissions, use of resources, raw materials, use of plastic, closing the loop and transport & travel. We are witnessing the start of a new world. One that's built upon compassion, hope, and action. And we're more empowered than ever to use this moment to unite in service of something bigger than ourselves by planting one tree per product sold. 


Reliable partner

Within the economic aspect of sustainability, we focus on making it easy for our customers and suppliers to make better choices by being knowledgeable about issues of sustainability. That is why our focus lies on improving our knowledge and communication in the field of sustainability. Our long-term commitments are to Become the fitness equipments industry’s experts on sustainability, and help our customers and suppliers to fulfil their sustainability goals.