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Why Become a Brand Ambassador?

The Quantum MVMT Brand Ambassador Program is made up of the countries top fitness and wellbeing leaders, working together to help promote movement for every body. Our brand ambassadors are the most important part of the Quantum Team.  As a brand Ambassador you will promote Quantum MVMT products and services. Ultimately, the program will have many ambassadors and will have ambassadors from the everyday man and woman, to athletes, to fitness enthusiasts and people who live a healthy and active lifestyle to represent the of our brand.

Quantum MVMT is a fast growing callisthenics brand and we're looking for brand ambassadors to join our team and grow together. Our passion is to create a brand that brings a unique perspective to the fitness industry. 

Our goal is to create equipment and exercise programs that will deliver results and create a feeling of being part of a unique group all while energising your mind and body. Quantum MVMT is based on the belief of “Movement for Every Body”. Brand ambassadors and customers are encouraged to embrace that spirit no matter what their goals. 

Who we are looking for

- You must be at least 18 years of age.

- You must have a passion for an active lifestyle or any other avenues of a healthy living.

- Motivated individuals who live the Quantum MVMT good vibrations lifestyle in and out of their daily lives.

- Motivated individuals who are willing to step out the comfort zone and be part of the Quantum movement.

Ambassador expectations

- Post pics/videos to your Instagram page using Quantum MVMT equipment at least once a week. Tag the official @quantummvmt account and use hashtags #QuantumMVMT in that weekly post.

- We're targeting Instagram, so you must be active on that platform and have the Quantum MVMT website linked to your bio. Also include your discount code.


- Personalised 20% discount code for your Instagram bio.

- 10% commission on all monthly sale based off on your discount code

- You will get shout-outs on the official Quantum MVMT Instagram page on all content you share with us.

- You will get exclusive access to our pre-launch products before they are released to the public.

- You will get featured on the on the Quantum MVMT website with your pic, a short bio and your social media accounts will be featured. 

To apply to become a brand ambassador you can email us info@quantummvmt.com with with a little bio about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit to join the Quantum family.

Meet Our Ambassadors 

ciara mcauley
Ciara McAuley
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I am Ciara, a classical musician, teacher, movement coach and handstand enthusiast. How strong can you be as a woman? I spent a good part of my childhood and young adolescent years overweight. I'd also spent years in education sitting on a seat all day. On top of that I spent a lot of time sitting practising the piano/cello. I used to feel pain in my feet, hips, knees and lower back if I did pretty normal things like go for a long walk.. Strange for someone of 19 right? With all the knowledge and wisdom I have learned along the way (now a qualified coach). I realised all my aches and pains were coming from weak, inactive, imbalanced muscles..due to years of sitting and not much movement. I also realised I am not unique in this..a lot of the people I work with/ bump in to in everyday life tell me of the aches and pains in their body. It doesn't have to be this way. Discovering play, movement, strength and calisthenics has changed changed my life.

Cathal Greene
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 I’m a PT with a true passion for the anatomy and all things movement. I qualified as a personal trainer under incredible tutor Alan Murphy receiving a distinction and student of the year from image fitness training. I am an avid nature lover, music love (drummer)and meditator also dipping my toes in everything from MMA to surfing. Originally favouring the science based hypertrophy training modality but I’ve always had a keen interest in bodyweight/calisthenics and plan to dedicate myself to the art for the foreseeable am proud to be an advocate for QST.

Paudi Prendergast
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From a young age I have had a keen interest in sports and fitness. I’ve played team sports since I was a boy and this led me to the gym. After a few years of lifting weights and regular gym training, I knew that I had still not found my niche. This is when I found calisthenics. The excitement of learning new skills and developing my functional fitness has become the driving factor for my training since 2019. I want to share my passion for fitness and calisthenics in particular and help others to progress their fitness journeys.

Natalie Byrne
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  I’m a 42 year old mam of one, I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years now and I’m a qualified personal trainer/gym instructor 7 years now.  I’m currently a trainer for Devine fitness ( women’s only classes base studio) and we teach a range of classes and also provide personal training and group training. I currently teach my own flexibility class on zoom twice a week. I’m passionate about keeping my mind and body strong and I hopefully pass that message on to all of my clients and family and most importantly my daughter. I had a full hysterectomy in August and I’m completely passionate about getting my own fitness levels and confidence back and I have to say I credit my background in fitness with my recovery and I hope to be still training and educating myself and my daughter and clients for as long as possible. 

Becca Lyons
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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is a happy, healthy and successful life. Since I got started as a Personal Trainer, I have found such a sense of fulfilment in my own life. I enjoy helping other achieve their fitness goals and sharing it with all of you around the world, in the hopes of helping and encouraging others. With each passing day, I put in an incredible amount of hard work into my workouts using the QST, in the aim for optimal success.

Jake Roe
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My name is Jake O Rua I am 26 years old and I am passionate about exercise. I love working out and trying new forms of exercising. I mainly do strength training, jogging, cycling and a small bit of yoga. I just recently got more into practicing calisthenics regularly and I have been really enjoying it. I bought a set of parallettes from you guys and they are so awesome! I've already been encouraging friends to go buy some. I'm a Youth Worker and as of recently a qualified PT. I'm passionate about people and helping others to reach their full potentials.The quality of the parallettes I received is amazing and I've been having a lot of fun learning new things and pushing myself further to improve my skills on them. I love the fact that you are Irish-based and think it's important there are local alternatives to purchasing workout equipment from.